The Orbit Gum Girl Is Back In 2 New Commercials


Our favorite hot ad girl, Farris Patton, is back as the Orbit Gum Girl in two new fun ads. These are another in Orbit’s series of ads, featuring the never-ending struggle with stinky anthropomorphic food people.


Q: Who is the hot fencing girl in the Mitsubishi Electric commercial?

A: Katie Morrison

Katie is a New York-based actress/model. Her real name is Katie Middleton, but she changed it for some reason. Here’s her official website.

Katie has appeared in a few other commercials.

This is Katie’s IMDb and Facebook pages.

And this is Katie’s acting demo reel:

Question submitted by: Earl


Q: Who is the hot pixie hair girl in the Bud Light “Blind Date” commercial?

A: Jessica Little

Jessica is a comedic actress, originally from Louisiana. She was previously featured on WITHAG, for her Kit Kat commercial.

Here is her IMDb, Facebook, and Improv profile.

Check out Jessica in a comedy skit, as Lois Lane!

And this is her looking beautiful, in her portfolio reel:

Question submitted by: mattlorenzo

Q: Who is the hot ‘psyched’ daughter in the Toyota “Big Responsibility” commercial?

A: Hannah Kasulka

Hannah is an actress, originally from Macon, GA. She’s appeared on TV shows, like “Nashville” and “Up All Night”. Here’s her IMDb and profile.

This is a article about Hannah’s journey from Georgia to Hollywood.

See more of Hannah’s work, on her YouTubes and Vimeos.

Follow Hannah, on her fun Twitter page.

Question submitted by: Tim M


Q: Who are the three HOT! girls in the Planet Fitness commercial?

A1: Illya Biederman (Hey Hottie!)

Illya is a model/actress/singer. This is her Model Mayhem and IMDb.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


A2: Amanda Landry (Looking Hot!)

Amanda is an actress/model, and WITHAG. Here’s her agency page.

This is her IMDb, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


A3: Erika Othen (Your Bod Is So Hot!)

Erika is also an actress/model. This is her official website and IMDb.

Check out her Model Mayhem, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Q: Who is the hot girl walking her dog in the DirecTV Genie “Hawk” commercial?

A: Erin O’Reilly

Erin is an actress, originally from Wellesley, MA. She has appeared on TV shows, like “Heroes” and “Big Bang Theory”.

See more of Erin’s credit’s, on her IMDb page.

And this is Erin in a recent commercial, with the Wendy’s Girl !:

Question submitted by: Alex