Q: Who is the hot girl walking her dog in the DirecTV Genie “Hawk” commercial?

A: Erin O’Reilly

Erin is an actress, originally from Wellesley, MA. She has appeared on TV shows, like “Heroes” and “Big Bang Theory”.

See more of Erin’s credit’s, on her IMDb page.

And this is Erin in a recent commercial, with the Wendy’s Girl !:

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Q: Who is that hot girl in the Vaseline ‘Spray And Go’ commercials?

A: Emma Chadwick

Emma is a ballet dancer, from the UK. Here is her official website. This is a profile on her. And here’s an article about the ad campaign.

Emma also did some very sexy ads for Domyos Fitness.

Here’s Emma demonstrating Vaseline’s product.

And this is her trying on a dress, and a skirt:

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Mack Boots ‘Puppy Workout’ commercial?

A: Renee Somerfield

Renee is a model from Sydney, Australia. See more great pics of Renee at her official website, and Model Mayhem page.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and most importanly Instagram.

See Renee in action on her YouTubes, and Vimeos.

And this is the behind-the-scenes of the Mack commercial.

Q: Who is the hot curvy blonde girl in ‘The General’ Insurance commercials?

A: Carmen Palumbo

Carmen is an actress/model/hostess. She hosts a show on Lifetime, called “Love For Sail”. Here is her official site and IMDb page.

See more great pics of Carmen at Listal.

Here is a profile of Carmen from Low Rider magazine.

See some of Carmen’s impressive work, on her YouTubes.

If you like Carmen’s commercial the way I think you do, then you will definitely enjoy her in this College Humor video.

This is Carmen’s other "The General" commercial.

And this is her acting/hosting demo reel:

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Q: Who is the hot girl “Liz”, in the Zoosk ‘Heart Friend’ web commercials?

A: Jessica McKenna

Jessica is a comedic actress/performer, from Los Angeles, CA. She is a member of the famous UCB Theatre. This is her IMDb page.

Jessica has been featured, on the “Funny Or Die" website.

Check out Jessica’s Vimeo demo reel.

And follow her on Twitter page.

Watch more of “Liz” and “Heart”, in the other YouTube videos, in this hilarious Zoosk ‘Heart Friend’ ad series:

  • Liz and Heart discuss her ideal man:

  • Frog Kiss (yes, that’s a real frog):

  • Liz finally goes on her date with Brad !:

Thanks Zoosk !

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Xerox Business Service commercials?

A: Catherine Kresge

Catherine is an actress, who can be seen on TV in “90210”, and in the movies in “A Good Day To Die Hard”. This is her official website.

This is Catherine’s IMDb, and here’s an interview she did.

See more of her Xerox commercials here.

Follow Catherine on Facebook and Twitter.

And this is her YouTubes, including commercial demo reel:

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