The Guinness Black Lager Girl Returns!

Stephanie Garcia is the beautiful model in the black dress, in these very popular Guinness ads. This is our previous post on her.



And this is the Guinness ad, that Stephanie first appeared in:

Q: Who is the hot mom in the Volkswagen Tiguan “Ridin Dirty” commercial?

A: Bridgett Newton

Bridgett is an actress, who has appeared on many TV shows, such as “Justified" and "House, MD". She was also in the horror movie classic, "Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon".


This is Bridgett’s IMDb page, and demo reel.


Question submitted by: Eric


Q: Who is the cute girl in the Dunkin Donuts “Valentine’s Day” commercial?

A: Sara Jo Allocco

Sara is a comedic actress/performer, originally from Long Island, NY. This is her IMDb page, and a profile of her from the G.L.O.C.

See her in action, in some of her YouTube videos.

Question submitted by: Cooley

Q: Who is the hot redhead girl in the Intel Ultrabook “London Train” commercial?

A: Zoe Richards

Zoe is an actress from London, England. She has starred in movies like “Get Him To The Greek”. This is her IMDb and Facebook pages.


Here is a profile of Zoe, and her demo reel.


As you see, Zoe’s hair color is a little elusive. But here is Zoe as a redhead again, in a Vodafone commercial (with Star Wars’ Yoda):

Question submitted by: Glenn

Q: Who is the hot bridesmaid girl in the CarMax “Wedding” commercial?

A: Marissa Rivera

Marissa is a Los Angeles based actress, who graduated from Florida State University. This is her IMDb page.


The CarMax employee in the commercial (who is plenty hot herself) is actress/model, Nikivia Dionne. This is her official site.

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Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in the McDonald’s “Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger” commercial?

A: Caitlin Gerard

Caitlin is an L.A. actress. She has appeared in movies like “The Social Network”, “Magic Mike”, and the horror movie “Smiley”.

This is her IMDb and Twitter page.

Here is a profile and demo reel of Caitlin.

And this is another profile/interview.

And if you have ever seen a movie at an AMC movie theater, you will have seen Caitlin in their famous pre-movie intro ad !:

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