Q: Who is the cute mom in the Volkswagen Jetta ‘Safety’ commercial?

A: Ashlyn Bishop

Ashlyn is a comedic actress, originally from South Carolina. Find out more about Ashlyn on her official website and resume.

Follow Ashlyn on her YouTube and Twitter pages.

Question submitted by: Don

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Q: Who is the cute girl in the BMO Harris Bank “Dream Home” commercial?

A: Dixie Perkinson

Dixie is a comedic actress, that we’ve featured before, for her commercial for Wendy’s Salads. Check out her official site and IMDb page.

See more of her work on her Vimeos.

And follow along on her Twitter.

Dixie can also be seen in the current Nationwide commercials.

Here are many of her ads, on her commercial demo reel:

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The Samsung Sex Tape Wife Is Back (sorta)

The hot wife/mom in the popular Samsung “Implied Sex Tape” commercial, Margaret Emery, is back, … in a DirecTV Genie commercial:

That’s her, getting molested by the inflatable car dealer promotion.

Here she is, in that great Samsung commercial:

You can also see Margaret, in this ad for Home Depot carpet.



The DirecTV “Genie” is played by Hannah Davis.


Hannah is already a pretty big deal, but is now bound for stardom, after her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Q: Who is the hot redhead girl in the TaxSlayer commercials?

A: Molly McKinney

Molly is a TV host/producer. She starred in, and later hosted the TV show, “Aqua Kids”. Here’s her IMDb page, and Twitter.

Molly also works as an environmental educator/writer. See more at her official website. This is Molly in action, on “Aqua Kids”.

And here is another TaxSlayer spot that Molly did:

Question submitted by: Mario

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Q: Who is the hot girl with the horrible laugh in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI commercial?

A: Molly Schreiber

Molly is an actress, originally from Boston, MA. She has been on several TV shows, like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. This is her official site and IMDb.

Check out her YouTube demo reels.

And follow Molly on Facebook and Twitter.

Question submitted by: Manuel

Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in the Slimful commercial?

A: Kelly Pendygraft

Kelly is an actress, that we’ve featured here previously for her commercial for Hotwire.com. This is her IMDb and Twitter pages.

Check out Kelly’s acting demo reel.

And this is Kelly (as a redhead) in a Sears Optical commercial:

Question submitted by: Robert