Q: Who is the hot girlfriend in the EA Sports ‘Madden Season’ commercials?

A: Talia Tabin

Talia is a comedic actress from Los Angeles. She has appeared on “Parks and Recreation” and “House of Lies”. Here is her IMDb page.

Check out more of Talia’s comedy work on her Funny Or Die profile, especially this funny short starring her (and Dave Franco again).

And see more of Talia in the hilarious full length Madden commercial:

Question submitted by: Eric

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Q: Who is the hot “Boston” girl in the SNY ‘House Of Fans’ commercial?

A: Ashley Blankenship

Ashley is a New York actress/model. She’s appeared on John Oliver’s HBO show, and in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. Here is Ashley’s official site.

Here is Ashley’s IMDb page, modelling profile, and demo reel.

And follow Ashley on the Twitter and Facebook.

*SNY is a regional sports network in New York City. 

Question submitted by: Sal from Bayside

Q: Who are the hot girls in the Old Spice ‘Hot Tub’ commercial?

A1: Denise Schaefer (knit hat)

Denise is a fashion model, affiliated with the L.A. Models agency. You can see much more of Denise on her Twitter and Instagram profile pages.


A2: Nikki Howard (ski goggles)

Nikki is also a fashion model from Los Angeles, CA. Find out/see more of Nikki on her official site, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

Question submitted by: Frank

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Amazon Fire Phone commercial?

A: Kate Maher

Kate is a Los Angeles actress, who has worked in theater, film, and TV. Here is Kate’s IMDb profile, and her acting resume / demo reel.

Question submitted by: Andy

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WITHAG Returns Next Week !

Yes, we are finally coming back from our prolonged hiatus. Thanks to everybody for your patience and continued support. The hot ad girls will be back next week for another season. Better than ever ! 

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Q: Who is the hot girl dancing in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel “Twilite Speedball” commercial?

A: Elle Joslyn

Elle is a London-based fashion model. That’s about all we know about her. Check out Elle’s model management page, and her Instagram profile.

The awesome beat in this ad comes from Mos Def’s “Twilite Speedball”.

And this is the alternate HD version of the commercial:

Question submitted by: Adam