Q: Who is the cute girl, ‘Kelly’, in the Chevrolet “Truck Month” commercial?

A: Amanda Troop

Amanda is an actress who has worked TV, theater and commercials. She also does voice acting for video games/cartoons. Here is her official website.

This is her IMDb and Twitter pages.

This ad is part of a funny new campaign called “Under The Blue Arch”. Check out more ads from this great Chevy campaign on this YouTube page.

The campaign even has a Facebook page. And character bios!

Amanda’s also in this new Vonage commercial.

And this is her acting demo reel:

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Old Spice “Sand Car” commercial?

A: Arielle Vandenberg

We’ve featured Arielle before as she appeared in this M&M’s commercial and this Breath Right Nasal Strips ad. Arielle is an actress/model. She has been on television shows such as “Greek”, “Meet The Browns”, and “CSI”. Here’s her IMDb, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Arielle Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg
Arielle is also in this great Garnier commercial with Tina Fey:

**Thanks to GuySpeed.com for the info! **

Q: Who is the hot girl in this Carl’s Jr. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich commercial?

A: Antoinette Kalaj

Antoinette is an Albanian actress who now resides in NYC. She’s had a few film roles including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (playing a mermaid) and Exit 33 (a horror movie: see review here). She’s also had some bit roles on Hung and Gossip Girl.

Her hotness was noticed by John Mayberry Jr (outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies) who tried to contact her via his agent for a date. Seems he didn’t know she was married.

Check out her IMDB and a bio plus more pictures at SmartAsses.net.

Antoinette Kalaj

Antoinette Kalaj

**Submitted by Free M**

(Source: youtu.be)

Q: Who is the hot girl in this Dove Ice Cream commercial?

A: Janelle Fishman

Janelle is an American model and has been featured in Agent Provocateur, Bebe, Ecko Red, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Levi’s and other brands.

Janelle Fishman

Janelle Fishman

**Submitted by G.S via Facebook**

There are plenty of more photos of Janelle over the Internet. So start Googling!

(Source: youtu.be)

Q: Who is the hot girl in AT&T “Road Music” commercial?

A: Ingrid Haas.

Ingrid is an actress originally from Toronto, Canada. She’s been virally famous, played a part in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and has taken her talents to Los Angeles where she makes people laugh via the UCB.

Her WITHAG resume includes Tide, Quaker Squares and Swiss Chalet. See more of her commercial work on YouTube.

Check out her official site, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter , and demo reel.

(Source: youtu.be)