Q: Who is the hot housewife in the Liquid Plumr “Double Impact” commercial?

A: Jessica Makinson

Jessica is a comedic actress who has worked extensively on Comedy Central programs. Check out her Wiki and IMDb pages.

Follow Jessica on her Facebook page.

This is Jessica’s Vimeo acting demo reel.

And this is her commercial for Walgreen’s/Zyrtec:

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot girl, “Megan Landry”, in the Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T Windows Phone commercial?

A: Shi Ne Nielson

Shi Ne is an Los Angeles actress who has been on shows such as ‘Law & Order: LA’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. See more at her official website and her IMDb.

Find more pictures of Shi Ne Nielson here.

You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Shi Ne was also at one time, ‘The Sports Report Girl’. You can check out her archived videos on her YouTube site. For example, this one from 2008:

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Q: Who is the hot Sporty Girl in this Axe commercial?

A: Amy Perfect.

What a name because that perfectly describes Amy. Amy is a model from the UK who has done work for Remington and has popped up in some music videos as well. Oh she’s taken and is a mommy. Sigh.

Here be her Twitter.

We’ve featured the other girls in these series of Axe commercials (see Party Girl and High Maintenance Girl)

Amy Perfect WITHAG

Check out the video below featuring Amy.

(Source: youtu.be)

Q: Who is the hot girl eating the hell out of her hamburger in the Carl’s Jr. ‘Southwest Patty Melt Combo’ commercial?

A: Angie Patterson

Angie is an LA actress. Find out more about her on her ReelAccess page. And this is Angie’s IMDb, and her Twitter page.

Here’s a video of one of Angie’s auditions, and one of her singing.

This is Angie’s commercial for “The Art Of Shaving”.

And finally, her acting demo reel:

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Q: Who is the hot blonde in the Nokia Lumia “Smart Phone Beta Test” commercial?

A: Natalie Dreyfuss

Natalie is an LA actress that has appeared in a variety of TV shows, movies and commercials. Here is her official site, Wiki and IMDb.


This is an interview that Natalie did. And another one.

Follow Natalie on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is Natalie’s photoshoot with Peta, and shopping with Off The Rack.


*The taller friend on the left is another hot ad girl, Danielle Hoover.

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T-Mobile Girl Is No More Ms. Nice Girl !

The lovely T-Mobile Girl (Carly Foulkes) has gone over to the dark side in this new T-Mobile commercial. She’s traded in her pink sundress for a black leather catsuit.

We’re not sure if this will give T-Mobile the coveted edge, but as long as Carly’s still being hot in their commercials, we won’t complain.

Read more about why T-Mobile is doing this at Wired.com