Q: Who are the hot girls in the Toyota Prius C “The Game Of Life” commercials?

A1: Jamie Gray Hyder (Non-Ironic Dolphin Tattoo!)

Jamie is an actress/singer originally from Washington, DC. She can be seen as a recurring character on “True Blood”. Here is Jamie’s excellent official website.

This is Jamie’s IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and some of her YouTubes.

Here is Jamie’s ‘so weird you’d swear it’s Japanese’ commercial for Altoids!:


A2: Mimi Michaels (Depressed Maltipoo Acupuncture!)

Mimi is an actress we have featured here before, for her KFC Wings commercial. Here are Mimi’s Wiki, IMDb, and a nice feature of her done by IGN.

This is an interview Mimi did for inmag.com.

And here’s Mimi’s KFC Hot Wings ad:

Question submitted by: Dave

Q: Who is the hot jogger girl in the Nike Free “I Would Run To You” commercial?

A: Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie is a singer/actress originally from Vermont. This is her official website. And this is her Green Mountain Girl music site, and IMDb page.

This is her Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Flickr pages.

Here’s some more information (and controversy?) about this great ad.

And these are the actual song’s lyrics.

Here are Stephanie’s Vimeos, including her demo reel here:

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(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot redhead in the msnNOW ‘Epic Meal Time’ Easter commercial?

A: Megan Duffy

Megan is an actress originally from Springfield, MA. She has a Tumblr official website that is the best of any WITHAG we have ever come across!

Here is Megan’s IMDb, Wiki, and Twitter pages.

This is her Model Mayhem page, and an appreciative blog.

Check out more of Megan’s YouTubes and Vimeos.

Megan is a true WITHAG, having been in many recent commercials, such as this one for Burger King (with David Beckham).

Finally, here’s Megan’s commercial acting reel:

Happy Easter y’all !

*This is our 400th WITHAG post!

Q: Who is the hot redhead girl in the Wendy’s ‘Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club’ sandwich commercial?

A: Morgan Smith Goodwin

Morgan is an actress/singer originally from Birmingham, AL. She has worked mostly in the New York theater, as well as on TV/film. This is her official website.


This is a thorough article on Morgan from al.com.

And another one from cullmantimes.com.

This was Morgan’s wacky web series. And this is her Facebook.

Question submitted by: A lot of you guys!

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Taco Bell Doritos Locos ‘Road Trip’ commercial?

A: Olivia Zoe

Olivia is not an actress/model. But, she is a WITHAG. Olivia is a regular girl working in the Los Angeles fashion/clothing industry.

Driving 965 miles for a taco is a little extreme (and likely marijuana induced), but that Doritos Locos taco is definitely an amazing experience.

This ad was based on actual events. To see the real Nat Christiana, check out this video of him reaching and eating his destination.

Question submitted by: mysecretstash

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Nationwide Insurance “Vanishing Deductible” seat back commercial?

A: Cara Pifko

Cara is a Canadian actress/voice actor. She is best known for her work on CBC broadcasting and voice work in video games. Here is her Wiki and IMDb.

Here are some videos of Cara’s work. And her Facebook.

And here is Cara’s comedy demo reel:

Question submitted by: Brendan