Q: Who is the hot blonde in the Nokia Lumia “Smart Phone Beta Test” commercial?

A: Natalie Dreyfuss

Natalie is an LA actress that has appeared in a variety of TV shows, movies and commercials. Here is her official site, Wiki and IMDb.


This is an interview that Natalie did. And another one.

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Here is Natalie’s photoshoot with Peta, and shopping with Off The Rack.


*The taller friend on the left is another hot ad girl, Danielle Hoover.

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T-Mobile Girl Is No More Ms. Nice Girl !

The lovely T-Mobile Girl (Carly Foulkes) has gone over to the dark side in this new T-Mobile commercial. She’s traded in her pink sundress for a black leather catsuit.

We’re not sure if this will give T-Mobile the coveted edge, but as long as Carly’s still being hot in their commercials, we won’t complain.

Read more about why T-Mobile is doing this at Wired.com

Q: Who is the cute actress girl, “Alex”, in the AT&T ‘Mobile To Mobile’ commercial?

A: Kaija Matiss

Kaija is an actress/voice artist originally from New Jersey. She is of Latvian and Scottish descent. This is Kaija’s IMDb page.

This is a great commercial from AT&T, that I’m sure many young actresses (and young WITHAGs) can very much relate to.

Kaija was also in this ad for Conoco Phillips (Thanks Barry T):

Question submitted by: Wooderson

(Source: youtube.com)

WITHAG Facebook Cover Photo !

The above is our new Facebook cover photo. We decided to salute some of our favorite Hot Ad Girls in photo collage form.

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*BONUS: Director’s Cut Coverphoto

The below photo is the cover photo that we would have used, if not for Facebook’s silly pixel proportion requirements.

30 hot ad girls! Can you name them all?

Q: Who are the 3 hot girls in the Old Navy ‘Best Tee Shirt Machine’ commercial with Mr. T and Anna Faris?

A1: Sarah Karges

Sarah is a lovely actress/hostess, that we have previously featured for her recent Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. Check out Sarah’s official site and IMDb.

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See Sarah in action on her exciting Vimeo and YouTube pages. Definitely check her out; she is one of our favorites and definitely a ‘hot ad girl’ to look out for!


A2: Sarah Hester

Sarah Hester is an actress/model from Los Angeles. You can check her out on her official website, Model Mayhem, and IMDb sites.

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To see some of Sarah’s audtion, go to her YouTube.


A3: Azur De

Azur is also an actress/model from LA. Here’s a nice blog about her. And these are her Model Mayhem and IMDb pages.

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Q: Who is that hot girl in the “Lovely Girl” Chicken McNuggets McDonald’s commercial?

A: Katie Savoy

Katie is a WITHAG favorite having been featured in this NFL Verizon Wireless commercial as well as this Miller Lite ad. She’s recently had appearances on Franklin and Bash and as a regular on a show called Living with Models. Keep an eye out as she’ll be WITHAG-ing in Old Navy and Kay Jewler commercials soon enough.

Check out Katie’s acting reel.

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