Q: Who is the cute employee, ‘Rachel’, in the Office Depot “Depot Time” commercial with Tony Stewart?

A: Rachel Moulton

Rachel is an actress from New York, who has worked predominantly in the theater. Check out Rachel’s official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Here is one of Rachel’s theater reviews, and her theater credits.

And this is one of her audition videos.

This is another of Rachel’s “Depot Time” commercials:

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Ace Hardware “Find Your Soul Paint” commercial?

A: Annie Tedesco

Annie is an actress originally from Kansas, that we have featured before for her commercial for Ally Bank. Check out more about Annie at her official site.

Here are her IMDb and Facebook pages.

You may have seen the Ace employee in this commercial before. He played Gus’ evil henchman, Tyrus, in season 4 of the great “Breaking Bad”.

Annie was in this great commercial for Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper:

She was also in this popular Bud Light commerical, this new Time Warner ad, this National Car Rental ad, and many many others.

Finally, here is the trailer for Annie’s movie, “Suspension”:

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Q: Who is the cute girl in the AT&T “Silent Treatment” commercial?

A: Alexandra Socha

Alexandra is a 21 year-old actress originally from New Hampshire. She has worked mostly on Broadway musicals, on shows such as “Spring Awakening”.

Here is her Wiki, IMDb, Twitter, and theater credits.

This is a fellow Tumblr who has everything Alexandra Socha!

(like the pretty picture below):

Here is an interview Alexandra did for Playbill.

And finally, this is Alexandra speaking about “Spring Awakening”:

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot girl in the beginning of this AAMCO “We Hear You” Real Sounds commercial?

A: Elizabeth Godley

Elizabeth is not just an actress but a writer and lighting designer as well. She’s been in a few shorts and features and does voiceover work too! Check out her IMDB, Twitter and official site.

Check out her acting reel.

Thanks to YouTuber civilizedweapon for the info.

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Crystal Light Energy Chase Commercial?

A: Jenna Heffernan

Jenna is an actress originally from Chicago who is a graduate from USC and has Classical/Shakespearean training at BADA in London. She’s been in a few shorts and was in a TV movie called America’s Next Top Zombie Idol?!? Hmm. That I gotta see. She currently plays “Sunshine” on Funny or Die’s Nosferajew.

Here’s her IMDB and Facebook pages. Also check out her Demo Reel (hilarious!)

A YouTube comment says she needs her own sitcom. I agree!

(Source: youtu.be)

Q: Who is the hot girl in the musical Pizza Hut “Open Up The Box” commercial?

A: Kojii Helnwein

Kojii is musician/model/actress originally from Dublin, Ireland. For much more information, check out her official website, Wiki, IMDb, and Model Mayhem.

You can follow Kojii on Facebook or on Twitter.

Here’s her blog, and some more model pictures.

This is an interview Kojii did for Modelinia:

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