Q: Who is High Maintenance Girl in this AXE Snake Peel commercial?

A: Sophie Lovell Anderson

Sophie is an actress from the UK and has been appeared on TV shows (most notably Secret Diary of a Call Girl) and movie roles such as Stag Night of the Dead. She has also starred in a few UK commercials solidifying her WITHAG credentials.

Check out her IMDB page.

Sophie Lovell Anderson

Sophie Lovell Anderson WITHAG

Check out Sophie’s showreel.

Sophie Showreel 2011 from sophie lovell anderson on Vimeo.

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Q: Who is “Party Girl” in this AXE Shock Shower Gel commercial?

A: Chloe Lloyd.

Chloe is a British model with Storm models London and Elite model management Miami. She has a Tumblr blog that showcases her print and commercial work.Clearly you need to follow her on Twitter.

Chloe Lloyd

Chloe Lloyd

Here is a video profile for you to check out.

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Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in the beginning of this Goldwell Salon “Call A Hairdresser” commercial?

A: Christina Rose

Christina is an American actress who’s appeared in indie horror films like Death of the Dead and Deadheads. She will be starring in the soon to be released indie musical How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song.

Check out her IMDB, Facebook, Twitter and official site for more info!

Christina Rose

Christina Rose (from The Plastic Slipper)

Watch her kick ass in this indie short “Circle of Fury”

Finally, check out the trailer to How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song

Q: Who is the hot girl in the AT&T iPhone “Speed Dating” commercial?

A: Agatha Nowicki

Agatha is an actress, who has worked both in the theater and on TV. She was born in Germany, but grew up in Pasadena, CA as a competitive ice skater.

Here is Agatha’s IMDb, and this is an interview she did for her theater work.

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the cute girl eating a falafel in the Orbit Gum commercial?

A: Leslie-Ann Huff

Leslie-Ann is an actress, who is best known for her role in the Disney Channel’s “Sonny With A Chance”. This is her official website, Wiki, and IMDb.

Leslie-Anne (who is half Filipina), was featured in this Pilipino website.

Watch Leslie-Anne’s Youtubes here. And follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, the Orbit Gum Girl in the ad is our favorite WITHAG (and our logo), the very lovely and beautiful, Farris Patton. Thanks Farris!

Q: Who is the girl in the Lowe’s “Coloring Book” commercial?

A: Kristin Malko

Kristin is originally from New Jersey and had a breakout role on the short lived Fox show Prison Break. She’s going to blow up as she now stars as Kate on ABC’s Happy Endings.

Here’s her Wiki and IMDB pages.

Kristen Malko

Check out her demo reel below.

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(Source: youtu.be)