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Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in this funny Target commercial?

A: Nicole Andrews

WITHAG is very grateful to receive another hot ad girl user submission. That is what “Submit your hot ad girl" is for. Please feel free to send more!

Nicole is an actress who has appeared in a variety of comedic films and TV shows. This is Nicole’s IMDb. She has also appeared in several commercials.


This is Nicole’s Facebook fan page and protected Twitter.

And this is her acting demo reel.


Nicole also had an amusing mishap in this Super Bowl Bud Light ad:

And finally, Nicole’s Yamaha commercial:

Submitted by: Donna

Thank you!

Q: Who are the hot hipster fangirls in this funny Samsung Galaxy commercial?

A: It’s a WITHAG All-Star team of: 1) Claire Coffee and 2) Megan Paul


Megan Paul (bubbly Boston brunette)

You might recognize Megan as the girl with the beautiful eyes, that you see on every other TV commercial now.


We have featured her for her Zyrtec, Charter, and V8 commercials. She has also starred in countless others.

Megan is one of the only prolific hot ad girls that we have not communicated with. Not much info can be found about her online either.


Claire Coffee (snarky Denver blonde)

Probably no WITHAG has been asked about for more commercials than Claire Coffee. We have obliged, for her commercials for: Butterfinger, Petco, Subway, Coors, and this short film. And like Megan, there’s many many more.


Claire’s star is currently exploding, with roles on “Franklin & Bash” and “Grimm”. She’s also had recent appearances in Esquire and Maxim.

Claire Coffee Tidbits:

When Claire’s not busy being awesome, she’s following her beloved San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are currently having a sublime season.


Claire also writes articles for HelloGiggles, about life, love, and football.

Here is Claire breaking down the “zone blitz”:

And here’s a web pilot Claire did for Fox called “Ashley The Wise”, about a valley girl in a post-apocalyptic world! (Thanks to Vimeo for being sneaky awesome):

Finally, do follow Claire on the Twitter. She is killing it!

*If we find out the identities of the other WITHAGs in this commercial, we will be sure to make note and append them.


Q: Who is the hot girl in the Verizon ‘Black Friday’ tablets commercial?

A: Cherub Moore

Cherub is a model/actress/host from New York. We don’t know that much about her, other than the obvious (she’s gorgeous). Here is her IMDb.


This is her very impressive LookBook model portfolio.


'' says a “cherub” is a type of angel. That sounds about right.


And here is a very amsuing short film, “Thunk In Public”, that Cherub was in:

Question submitted by: JT Chan & many others


We here at WITHAG love the Lynx and Axe campaigns. So with all the commercial shenanigans Lynx pulls, it came to quite a shock to us that the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority recently banned some very awesome TV spots featuring the lovely Lucy Pinder. On the WITHAG Facebook page, I posted one of the videos. But now that Lynx has apologized to the “15 people” they offended via the video above (as Lucy throws away all the props), I think we all need to be “offended” by the videos below. Check out AdRants for details.

We here at WITHAG hate censorship in all it’s forms so protest by watching these videos over and over again.


Check out all the other videos by heading here.


Real life State Farm agent, Jessica Declercq, is back in a new sequel commercial!

We already featured the popular original commercial. Jessica has received some notoriety for these ads. Hopefully, this will become an ongoing campaign.


Q: Who is the hot girl in the Best Buys “Gifts Under $100” commercial?

A: Jama Williamson

Jama is an actress, who has worked mostly in the theater. She has also appeared on TV shows such as “Law & Order”, “Chapelle’s Show”, and “Numb3rs”. This is her Wiki, and her IMDb info.


Jama is probably most well known for playing Wendy Haverford, Aziz Ansari’s ex-wife, on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”.

Here’s an excellent interview Jama that did about P&R.


Finally, here is Jama in a commercial for Children’s Claritin:

Question submitted by: strikerdeath