Q: Who is the exotic hot girl in the Heineken “Date” commercial?

A: Samantha Rex

Samantha is a singer/model/actress/all-around hot girl. Samantha sang for the Brooklyn-based alternative band, "The Attic Ends". She also has a successful modeling career. Samantha is of Thai descent.


Here’s some photos Samantha did for Complex. And this is her Twitter.

Samantha is 5’11”! That’s a whole lot of hotness.

The funky song in the commercial is “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” by Mohammed Rafi. It is an old school Bollywood song. Check out the full song here.


This ad is a thematic sequel to Heineken’s epic "Entrance" commercial.

Here’s the making of this commercial:

And this is Samantha’s sexy-as-hell photo shoot with Maxim (MUST WATCH):