Q: Who are the hot girls in the M&M’s ‘Ms. Brown’ Super Bowl commercial?

A1: Arielle Vandenberg (redhead)

Arielle is a beautiful model/actress that we have featured before, for her commercial for Breathe Right. But she certainly warrants another post.

Check out more of Arielle on her IMDb, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


That’s Vanessa Williams, as the voice of ‘Ms. Brown’.

Here is Arielle in a Garnier commercial with the great Tina Fey:


A2: Sonita Henry (brunette)

Sonita is an actress originally from England. She has been in numerous TV commercials, as well as TV shows, and movies like “The Fifth Element” and “Star Trek”. This is Sonita’s official website and IMDb.


Here’s an interview Sonita did with Alternative Magazine Online.

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(Source: youtube.com)