Q: Who are the hot girls in the Toyota Prius C “The Game Of Life” commercials?

A1: Jamie Gray Hyder (Non-Ironic Dolphin Tattoo!)

Jamie is an actress/singer originally from Washington, DC. She can be seen as a recurring character on “True Blood”. Here is Jamie’s excellent official website.

This is Jamie’s IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and some of her YouTubes.

Here is Jamie’s ‘so weird you’d swear it’s Japanese’ commercial for Altoids!:


A2: Mimi Michaels (Depressed Maltipoo Acupuncture!)

Mimi is an actress we have featured here before, for her KFC Wings commercial. Here are Mimi’s Wiki, IMDb, and a nice feature of her done by IGN.

This is an interview Mimi did for inmag.com.

And here’s Mimi’s KFC Hot Wings ad:

Question submitted by: Dave