Q: Who is the hot girl in the Caesar’s Palace “Routinely Spectacular” commercial?

A: Courtney Robertson

Courtney is a fashion model from Arizona. She was discovered as a teenager while working in an Abercrombie & Fitch.

More importantly here are answers to some other questions you might have about this commercial:

1) Yes, if you go to the Men’s section of the hotel clothing store, you will be solicited by a high class hooker.

2) No, seeing Cher in concert would not be considered “spectacular”. At least not by men accompanied by prostitutes.

3) Yes, you will be comped at the restaurant and casino without any money or identification. You can use your bathrobe to charge it to your room.

4) No, Caesar never actually lived in Caesar’s Palace.

5) Yes, ironically enough, the exact scenario depicted in this ad happened to me, at a Best Western in Cincinnati, Ohio.

6) But no, if you were go to Caesar’s and lose your robe, your results may vary.

Here is a link to Courtney Robertson photos on her personal website:

Courtney also played a hot girl in this Jim Beam commercial:

(Source: youtube.com)