Q: Who are the hot liteguards in the Miller Lite Liteguard Tastepoints commercial?

A: Sabina Gadecki, Aria Pullman and Candice Loper.


We’ve profiled Sabina before as she was in the Miller Lite Man Thong commercial.She is an actress and model and has hosted the Travel Channel’s coverage of the World Poker Tour and was a former 2002 Miss Miss Western Massachusetts who has appeared in Seventeen, Redbook, and Premiere.

Here’s her official site.


Sabina Gadecki

Aria Pullman has been on a few TV roles like Rescue Me and Life. She’s also a singer and model as well.

Here’s her IMDB page.



Candice Loper has had only a small spot on Burn Notice and has done some modeling work too.

Candice Loper

(Source: youtube.com)