Q: Who is the hot girl in the 2011 Magnum Ice Cream commercials?

A: Rachel Bilson. Obviously, Rachel Bilson is not an unknown actress as she’s a famous TV and film actress. She was of course on The O.C. and had guest roles on How I Met Your Mother and Chuck.

WITHAG is a big fan of Rachel and we’re completely intrigued by these Magnum Ice Cream commercials. Magnum sounds like a brand of condoms, not ice cream. The series of commercials/shorts are odd to say the least with the one above being about ballet that leads to some post ice cream happiness. The other commercials below involve an art class and a photo shoot and always involve Rachel licking the yummy Magnum chocolate goodness.

The commercials make no sense but seeing Rachel Bilson eat ice cream is mesmerizing. And that makes us happy.

Check out the other commercials below.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson - Magnum Ice Cream

(Source: youtu.be)