WITHAG International !

Q: Who is the hot girl in this Johnson & Johnson commercial from Thailand?

A: Christina Masterson

Yes, our favorite WITHAG is back again! Christina did this commercial for J&J Body Lotion, a couple years ago. Aint it amazing what is on the Youtubes?


We’ve previously featured Christina in a Nikon commercial:


And in a Levi’s commercial:



Basically, as long as Christina does anything, WITHAG will be there to document it.



Christina used to post on a fashion blog with fellow model/BFF, Jennifer Humphrey (who is plenty gorgeous herself). You can still see Christina’s posts in the archives:


Here is Christina and Jennifer basking in their mutual hotness:


Finally, life is not all peaches and gravy for a fashionista. Here is a video of Chris & Jen camping out all night at an H&M in anticipation of a Jimmy Choo sale!:

They both look pretty amazing after spending all night sleeping on a sidewalk on Sunset Boulevard !

(Source: youtube.com)