Q: Who is the hot girl in the Aerie Lingerie Drew Bra American Eagle commercial?

A: Cintia Dicker. Cintia is a Brazilian model who’s appeared in commercials and ads for Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and of course American Eagle to name a few. She’s 25 years old and was most recently featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue from 2009-2011.

This new bra has caused controversy of late for the fact that American Eagle seems to be targeting tween girls who are around 15 years old. We at WITHAG won’t throw our 2 cents into this argument. We are only concerned with WITHAG issues.

Here’s Cintia’s Wikipedia page.

Here’s another American Eagle commercial featuring Cintia (with a little topless action…don’t worry SFW)

And here’s a video of a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue.

(Source: youtu.be)