Q: Who is the cute redhead girl in the Taco Bell “AM Crunchwrap” commercial?

A: Corsica Wilson

Corsica is an L.A. actress, originally from New Hampshire. Find out more about Corsica on her IMDb profile, and this online interview of her

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Q: Who is the hot sideline reporter in the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial?

A: Amy Paffrath

Amy is an L.A. actress, and host of VH-1’s “Dating Naked”. You probably recognize her as ‘Amy’ in the Amazon Kindle Fire commercials.

This is Amy’s official site, IMDb profile, and Twitter page.

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Carl’s Junior/Hardees “Mile High Club” commercial?

A: Bar Paly

Bar is an Israeli model / actress, that is quite popular. Check out more at Bar’s official website, IMDb profile, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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Q: Who is the cute girl in the NFL Mobile “Middle School Dance” commercial?

A: Eileen O’Connell

Eileen is an LA actress, Here is Eileen’s IMDb page and other commercials. And check out her Funny Or Die videos, and her acting demo reel.

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Q: Who is the hot flight attendant in the Carl’s Junior/Hardees “Mile High Bacon Thickburger” commercial?

A: Denise Schaefer

Denise is a fashion model, that we’ve previously seen here on WITHAG, in an Old Spice commercial. Check out her Twitter and Instagram pages.

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Q: Who are the hot girls in the Geico “Horror Movie” commercial?

A1: Carrie Wiita (…in the running car)

Carrie is an L.A. actress, who has appeared on many different TV shows. Check out Carrie’s info on her IMDb, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


A2: Cali Fredrichs (…in the basement)

Cali is also an actress, who has appeared in movies and TV shows. Find out more about Cali on her IMDb profile and her acting resume page.

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