Q: Who is the hot girl, “Becki Smith”, in the Spring Honda “Sales Event” commercial?

A: Nadia Benavides

Nadia is a native Los Angeles comedic actress. Find out more info about Nadia on her official website, IMDb profile, and her acting resume profile page.

And follow Nadia on her Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube pages.

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Q: Who is the cute sales girl in the Honda Civic “Hashtag Yeaaaah” Commercial?

A: Jen Drohan

Jen is an actress who has appeared in a wide range of media, mostly in comedic roles. Here is her official website and IMDb profile.

Jen has been on WITHAG for her AT&T ad. She’s also been in funny ads for State Farm, and for Navy Federal Credit Union.

And this is Jen’s acting demo reel.

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Q: Who is the hot girl in the Honda Generator “Splash” commercial?

A: Chrissy Blair

Chrissy is a swimsuit model based out of Los Angeles, California. She also works as a ring girl, for the UFC. Here is her model agency page, and another.

Follow Chrissy on her Facebook fanpage, and on Twitter.

See more pics of Chrissy, from Coed Magazine.

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Q: Who is the cute girl in the awesome Honda CRV “50 States” commercial?

A: Paula Lucero

Paula is an actress from Los Angeles, CA. She is originally from Argentina. This is Paula’s IMDb and Facebook pages.

Here’s some more photos of Paula, and a video of her in an acting exercise.

*All images from caitlincassidy.com

The cool retro shirts in the ad were made by notion:creative

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Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in the Honda CRV ‘Marriage Proposal’ commercial?

A: Rae Foster (Sara Rae Foster)

Rae is an actress originally from Texas. She has appeared in TV shows, films, theater, and commercials. Here is her IMDB and Facebook pages.

Here’s some more pictures and her Twitter.

And here is a trailer for a short film that Rae is doing:

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