Q: Who is the hot girl in the BMW 3 Series ‘Heated Steering Wheel’ Super Bowl commercial?

A: Camille Chen

Camille is an actress of Taiwanese descent. She has starred in variety of different TV shows including “Bones” and “Royal Pains”. She also had a memorable sexy appearance on “Californication”. Check out her IMDb and Wiki.

And here’s Camille’s official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Camille has also appeared in a number of national commercials. Check out an interview she did, and her acting demo reel.

Finally, this is a video of Camille in the web series, “So On And So Forth”:

*The lovely redhead in the backseat is Carrie Keranen.

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the smoking hot girl in the FIAT 500 Abarth commercial?

A: Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel is a Romanian model. She lives in Milan, Italy, and is the face of Giorgio Armani. She’s been featured in Sports Illustrated, FHM, & Maxim. Her Wiki.


Many more Catrinel pics here, here, here, and here.

Definitely click this link.


As much as we would like to, we can’t take credit for finding this hot ad girl. We got this one from our friends at SI Hot Clicks.


And this is a video of Catrinel being hot on a beach:

Catrinel returns in this sequel Fiat commercial, with the great Charlie Sheen!:

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot girl in this 2009 Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial?

A: Courtney Cole-Fendley. Courtney has had a few roles in various films with the most recent being Not Another Not Another Movie (yes that’s the title).

Here’s her IMDB page.



(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Doritos Dream Girl commercial?

A: Amber Marie Bollinger

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is “Miss Evelyn” in the Chevrolet Camaro Superbowl commercial?

A: Miss Evelyn is Angelina Vitale. If she was my teacher, I’d want to repeat every grade for like forever. The Asian girl is Elaine Tan.

(Source: youtube.com)

Q: Who is the hot blonde girl at the end of the now infamous Pepsi Max “Love Hurts” Super Bowl commercial?

A: Tara Holt.

Tara can be seen on various Nickelodeon shows currently. She also once played a kidnapping victim on “Dollhouse”.

(Source: youtube.com)