Jan From The Toyota Commercials Interviewed


Our good friends at the Commercial Break , recently interviewed Laurel Coppock, who plays the very popular “Jan” from the Toyota commercials.

Laurel discusses: 1) how she auditioned for the role, 2) Jan’s infinite Toyota knowledge, and 3) getting noticed for the ad campaign.

Laurel is interviewed by the lovely Rebecca Michael. Check it out !:

And check out fellow WITHAG, Mariel Booth’s interview as well.

Q: Who is the hot ‘psyched’ daughter in the Toyota “Big Responsibility” commercial?

A: Hannah Kasulka

Hannah is an actress, originally from Macon, GA. She’s appeared on TV shows, like “Nashville” and “Up All Night”. Here’s her IMDb and profile.

This is a article about Hannah’s journey from Georgia to Hollywood.

See more of Hannah’s work, on her YouTubes and Vimeos.

Follow Hannah, on her fun Twitter page.

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(Source: youtu.be)

Q: Who is the hot blonde girl in the Toyota Camry “The Ex” Super Bowl commercial?

A: Jolie Jenkins

Jolie is an actress. who has been on many TV shows, like “Psych”, “X-Files” and “Criminal Minds”. Here are her Wiki and IMDb pages.

And this is her acting demo reel.


Do yourself a favor, and check out her hillarious ‘Funny Or Die’ webseries, “Crazy Things I’ve Seen In Runyon Canyon”.

When Jolie isn’t busy acting, she’s teaching acting.

Follow her on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Q: Who is the hot girl, Monica, in the Toyota Corolla “Gas Station” commercial?

A: Hanie Lynch

Hanie is an actress who has appeared in many video shorts, as well as TV commercials. See more on her talent agency site, and IMDb page.


Here is Hanie’s work on Funny Or Die website.

And here are some of her commercials.


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Q: Who are the hot girls in the Toyota Nationwide Clearance Event commercial?

A1) Jessica Manuel (sales lady)

Jessica is an actress who has had a very interesting history. She once worked in Antarctica(!), and even wrote/starred in a play about it. Here is her IMDb page.

Here is her Twitter and Facebook.

You can also see Jessica in this Toyota commercial (among others).


A2) Jamie Bernadette (customer)

Jamie is an actress we’ve seen here before, for her Garnier Fructis commercial. Here is her official website, IMDb, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s an interview she did, and this is her demo reel.

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Toyota “Lie Detector” commercial?

A: Laurel Coppock

Laurel is a comedic actress who has been in recent comedy series like “2 Broke Girls”, “The Office”, “Modern Family”, and “Workaholics”. Check out her IMDb.


Laurel is a member of the famous Groundlings, and the UCB. She has also been featured on the “Funny Or Die" website.

Here is another camera phone video (sorry), of one of her other Toyota ads:

Laurel also plays "Jan" in another Toyota ad campaign.

And these are Laurel’s Vimeos, including her demo reel:

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